The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration was composed of leading figures from the international vaccine community. At the core of the structure were a Steering Committee and four Working Groups – Delivery, Global Access, Public & Political Support and Research & Development – responsible for developing the global vaccine action plan. These groups were guided by a Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council launched the DoV Collaboration and provided oversight to the planning process.

The Steering Committee was the driving force behind the development of the Global Vaccine Action Plan. The Steering Committee guided the work and consultation process of the four working groups (Delivery, Global Access, Public & Political Support, and Research & Development) and identified cross-cutting issues to be addressed as part of the development of the plan.

The Steering Committee was co-chaired by Prof. Pedro Alonso (Institute for Global Health of Barcelona) and Dr. Ciro de Quadros (Sabin Vaccine Institute). It was composed of seven Working Group co-chairs and eight at-large Steering Committee members.